WSSET Innovation Awards 2022

This competition is in its sixth year of running and we have received many great, innovative entries. This Innovation Awards recognise the achievements of private individuals and organisations in new sustainable technologies and encourage the wider application of new developments. Innovative ideas are welcome in any following areas:

  1. Renewable energy systems (e.g., solar, wind and biomass)
  2. Power generation technologies (e.g., CHP systems, fuel cells and anaerobic digestion plants)
  3. Energy efficiency (e.g., heat pumps and hybrid solar/gas systems)
  4. Low carbon buildings and future cities (e.g., low/zero carbon buildings, sustainable cities)
  5. Water treatment and desalination (e.g., solar water desalination)
  6. Sustainable materials (e.g., innovative composite materials and aerogels)
  7. Waste management and water recycling (e.g., households and construction waste management)
  8. Agri-food technologies (e.g., innovative greenhouses and food drying)

Deadline for submission: 31 May 2022. Please complete and submit your entry form to:

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