The topical areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

Energy Technology andRenewables Energy Storage and Conversion Low Carbon Buildings, Architecture and Sustainable Cities Policies and Management
Low-carbon/ low-energy technologies Artificial photosynthesis Sustainable and resilient cities Energy, exergy and environment policies and management
Solar energy Gasification Sustainable urban systems and infrastructure Carbon tax
Wind energy Heat pump Green and sustainable buildings and materials Energy and carbon savings incentive
Geothermal energy Heating and cooling systems Energy efficiency in buildings Energy and environment security
Ocean/tidal energy Hydropower Smart and responsive buildings Environmental issues and the public
Biomass systems Thermomagnetic conversion Smart grids Enviroeconomics and exergoeconomics
Biofuels Batteries Energy demand and use optimization Energy and Exergy efficiency
 Renewable energy technologies Phase change materials (PCM) Climate Change Sustainable energy education
Building energy technologies and systems Carbon sequestration Life cycle assessment Sustainable energy awareness, acceptance and take-up
Ventilation and air conditioning technologies Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies Ecology, ecosystem and biodiversity International cooperation
Thermo electricity / thermophotovoltaic New energy storage materials Waste management and recycling Artificial intelligence applications in energy systems
Innovative technologies Indoor air quality Desing and contstruction management
Energy applications to building services Recyclable/Reusable buildings materials and new materials  Green energy economy and governance
Analysis of energy systems Urbanization and environmental problems Risk management in energy and building system
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