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Scholarship application deadline:          1st June 2020

Notification of scholarship award:         29th June 2020

Submit application to:                

Use the email subject:                          SET 2020 Registration Grant Application

The Sustainable Energy Technologies (SET) conference organizing committee recognizes that sometimes it is hard for students to find funding to attend conferences. We also know that students make an invaluable contribution to our conferences, and we would like to have as many of you joining us at the SET 2020 as possible.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce that we will be able to provide conference registration grants to 4 postgraduate students (masters or PhD), who demonstrate academic excellence through the quality of their research. The SET 2020 organisers are offering free registration to the SET2022 conference worth $ 275 (€ 250).

The deadline for applications is the 1st June 2020 by 8pm (GMT).The evaluation process will be conducted by the SET 2020 organising committee. Evaluation of applications will consider the information presented in a letter to the scholarship committee (described below). This information embodies the scholarship selection criteria. Because conference participation is a condition of the scholarship, monies will not be available prior to the conference.


Applicants must have been a registered postgraduate student at the time of the abstract submission;

Applicants must have an abstract accepted for oral presentation at the SET 2020 conference;

Applicants must have submitted a full manuscript by the deadline of 1thJune 2020;

Applicants must be travelling from outside the hosting country (Turkey).

Applicants must submit a maximum of 2 A4 pages providing the following information:

Personal details:Applicant’s name and full contact information (e-mail, telephone, permanent mailing address);

Affiliation:Name of applicant’s educational institution and degree program, with an unambiguous statement of status within said program (a) as of the date of abstract submission and (b) as of the date of application for this scholarship; if the candidate is employed, he/she must include a description of the current employment’s role;

Qualifications:Names of any previous educational institutions and associated degrees;

Manuscript details:Title and list of authors of paper accepted for presentation at SET 2020;

Reason for scholarship need: Brief description of the reason for applying for this scholarship;

Research statement: A statement that clearly and specifically describes the applicant’s role in the development of this paper and role in the underlying research/analysis/synthesis, and how the paper fits within SET 2020’s scope;

Professional statement: A statement that describes the educational and professional benefits expected to accrue from attendance at the SET 2020 conference, to the applicant and to his/her research group.

Attach to the application (these are mandatory and do not count towards the 2 pages limit above):

(1) Copy of a document that confirms that the candidate was a student at the time of the abstract submission;

(2) Copy of the confirmation of abstract acceptance email from SET 2020;

(3) Copy of the full manuscript as submitted to SET 2020.

Please number your answers according to the list above, using the provided headings. The application should be submitted electronically as a PDF or Microsoft Word file. One file is highly preferred over multiple files.

The SET 2020 organising committee reserves the right to award all or none of these proposed scholarships based upon the quality of applications. Late applications, and applications longer than 2 pages will not be considered.

You can download the PDF version of this information below.

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