RePG Energy Executive Summary

The world is facing an energy crisis and environmental disasters. Energy consumption & production activities account for as high as two-thirds of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The transition to clean, reliable, affordable, mobile and distributed electricity (off-grid) has become a top priority and critical issue. Known renewable technologies require large installation areas and cannot produce energy where energy is consumed. You have to carry or transmit solar and wind energy with cables, which requires extra investment. Distributed, mobile, wireless and renewable energy generation without electricity poles will be long-term sustainable among energy technologies. Many governments and local authorities are trying to direct their energy policies and infrastructure to renewable energy sources with regulations that directly affect the existing energy systems of households and facilities.

In the age of home based electricity consumption, a renewable energy revolution is imperative. The European Union Renewable Energy Commission predicts that the electricity produced from renewable energy sources will increase from 25% to 55% in 2030 and will be aimed at meeting predominantly residential consumption. The EU is still dependent on energy imports, and European households need a comprehensive and cost-effective solution with clean energy alternatives that can generate their own energy by changing their energy systems and infrastructures and can also be adapted to their future power generation and distribution systems. For example, Tesla Wall-mounted Intelligent Storage or Intelligent Microgrids. It is not easy to easily install, implement and distribute traditional renewable energy sources (wind, solar, biomass, etc.) through sustainable and efficient systems.

In addition, it is not possible to use renewable technologies in different areas or applications simultaneously (such as factories, homes, offices, automobiles, drones, data centers, indoor and outdoor) and payback periods start from at least 10 years. You cannot even use your garden, balcony or roof for your own private energy generation. Since renewable energy power generators are not “mobile” it is not possible or easy to relocate and re-establish your investments.

In order to meet all these problems and needs, a new technology and product has been developed by RePG Energy: Unlike known conventional energy systems, RePG technology is a new generation renewable energy technology that converts it into electrical power by using the humidity and temperature differences in the ambient air/water as an energy source with the principles of osmosis and diffusion. RePG technology can use “Latent Heat” & “Low/High Waste Heat” sources to generate electricity.

While this technology was only possible in theory until RePG, it has now been commercialized. This new technology will irreversibly change and transform the energy and all related sectors.

RePG electrical power can be AC ​​or DC: devices such as external inverter are not required to connect the national grid or off-grid use. The most important point is that the investment payback period of this energy system is 3-4 years maximum. Compared to traditional energy alternatives, RePG allows homeowners to generate their own electricity with eco-friendly osmotic technology, is ready to install, cost-effective and fully mobile.

RePG Micro & Macro module systems can be easily deployed in gardens, roofs or balconies without large installation space and high operating costs. Homeowners can also sell their excess energy generation to the grid/energy distribution company via smart grids.

RePG Industry applications and products can provide electrical heating and cooling by using “Low Temperature Waste Heat” below 90 degrees in workplaces, hotels, factories & geothermal environment. And, “High Temperature Waste Heat” above 100C & geothermal resources can be easly converted to electiricty. The modular structure of RePG Industry products enables serial and parallel installation, greatly reducing the “initial investment” cost and reducing the payback period to less than 3-4 years.

RePG technology, in addition to the advantages at the consumer and corporate level, enables public administrations to achieve their greenhouse gas reduction targets, production in accordance with the regulation, and zero CO2 emission and renewable energy production at the most cost-effective cost.

Different sales and marketing development models, including direct sales, can be implemented for RePG Applications and Products (B2B, B2C, B2B2C). In addition, license transfer, leasing, membership, energy and revenue sharing models are planned to be customized in accordance with markets, regions and sectors.

Acting with the motto of “Produce Your Own Energy”, RePG continues to work for a “Self-Sufficient World, Country, City, Factory and Home”.

RePG Technology is a

  • %100 new generation renewable energy technology that can use Latent Heat, ‘Low Waste Heat’ & ‘Waste Heat’ to produce electricity
  • mobile, very easy relocatable in a little space at home, office, factories,
  • can be connected to different waste heat sources,
  • and does not emit carbon.


RePG Full Animation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRQUhuM-y-E


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Terry Payne

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Phase Change Materials (PCMs) are ideal products for thermal management solutions. This is because they store and release thermal energy during the process of melting & freezing (changing from one phase to another). When such a material freezes, it releases large amounts of energy in the form of latent heat of fusion, or energy of crystallisation. Conversely, when the material is melted, an equal amount of energy is absorbed from the immediate environment as it changes from solid to liquid.

This property of PCMs can be used in a number of ways, such as thermal energy storage whereby heat or coolness can be stored from one process or period in time, and used at a later date or different location. PCMs are also very useful in providing thermal barriers or insulation, for example in temperature controlled transport.

The simplest, cheapest, and most effective phase change material is water/ice. Unfortunately, the freezing temperature of water is fixed at 0°C (32°F), which makes it unsuitable for the majority of energy storage applications. Therefore a number of different materials have been identified and developed to offer products that freeze and melt like water/ice, but at temperatures from the cryogenic range to several hundred degrees centigrade.

Arkaya is a renewable energy company based in the UK and specialises in Thermodynamics and Solar Thermal Technology. The Solar Assisted Heat Pump is their best seller along with vented/unvented cylinders, solar thermal panels and many more. Arkaya are always coming up with most advanced technologies and ideas in order to help customers, both domestic and commercial thrive from their hot water and central heating. Soon to be introduced is the combined system for wholly thermodynamics house meaning water heating is thermodynamically sufficient and central heating is thermodynamically sufficient too. New on the market is the ability to heat swimming pools along with the existing technologies being constantly revised and renewed in order to assure the latest and most effective technologies are being used. After all, the customer is at the heart of our company and we strive to help everyone have an effective, efficient system in their homes, to save money and inevitably to save our planet.

SUNUM Engineering provides education, tourism, project, consultancy, software, organization and services. To make joint or individual project applications to all national and international organizations in the fields of engineering, science, social, tourism, and health sciences, to write projects, to make consultancy and contracting activities in these projects, to carry out projects and to manage projects. To establish all kinds of laboratories for educational and training purposes, to purchase, sell, import and export tools and equipment, documents and laboratory materials.

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