Risto Kosonen


Risto Kosonen, D.Sc., has more than 30 years of experience in the field of building services engineering. Risto Kosonen is currently a professor at Aalto University. The field of the professorship is HVAC technology, where the focus areas of teaching and research are the indoor climate, intelligent building technology systems in buildings, and energy technology in buildings. Risto Kosonen is a Distinguished Professor at Nanjing Tech University and Visiting Professor at Chongqing University and Xian University of Architectural and Technology in China. Risto Kosonen is the Chairman of the federation of Nordic SCANVAC HVAC association, the Vice-Chairman of the Finnish SULVI Association, and the Chairman of the Board of the Finnish Indoor Air Association. Prof. Kosonen has published more than 300 international scientific articles and conference papers. He has been awarded the REHVA Professional Award in Technology, the SCANVAC John Rydberg Gold Medal, and the Russia Master-Builder Engineering Awards.