Professor @ Hosei University (Tokyo)

Olimpia NIGLIO  SORIENTE is a professor in Comparative History of Architecture at Hosei University (Tokyo); She has been Research Fellow at Kyoto University Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Japan; Vice President ICOMOS PRERICO and ACLA, Asian Cultural Landscape Association. In 2020 she has founded the international project “Reconnecting with your culture”.


Ph.D. (University of Naples-Federico II, Italy), Executive Master at Business School Rome, and Post- Ph.D. (Ministry of Education, Italy).

The research covers topics related to the history of comparative architecture, between the Far West and the Far East, in the period of modernization between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. At the heart of his studies is the comparative and interpretive approach of architecture through the exploration of areas and experiences that see a strong Italian presence abroad and whose projects have opened new horizons in the reading of culture contemporary architecture. In this context there is an interest in Latin American architecture in the modern and contemporary age where the influence of the Italian contribution was strong. The main countries involved in this research strand are Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina and Cuba. Regarding the Far West, the countries most studied are Republic of Korea and Japan.

There are many strong cultural exchanges, both in art and architecture, that have occurred between the two extremes of the Pacific Ocean and hence the interest in developing this area of research. All this is also linked to Italy’s diplomatic relations with both Japan and Latin America, where direct feedback in numerous institutional archives has been a valuable source for research dedicated to the cultural and methodological contribution of architects such as Battista Antonelli, Giovanni Buscaglioni, Angiolo Mazzoni, Riccardo Morandi, for Latin America, and Vincenzo Ragusa, Gian Vincenzo Cappelletti, Francesco Riccardo Monti and the works of the Jesuits for the Far East, in Japan and Philippines.

Circulation of ideas and hybridization of cultural models that have recorded, especially since the first half of the 20th century, interesting experiences that have compared architecture with art and engineering giving life to new pages of history architecture. With regard to the Italian territory, the research activities are directed to the study of architecture between the 19th and 20th centuries with a particular focus on the western area of Tuscany.

Since 2015 Scientific Coordinator of the International Project “Italian Diaspora in the World”.

Since 2019 Scientific Coordinator of the International Project “Cultural Diplomacy & Heritage”.

She is author of over 450 publications in the field of History and Architecture Restoration. Themes of search: history of the architectural restoration and methods and criteria of restoration to the foreign countries.

Among the last publications (books): Avvicinamento alla storia dell’architettura giapponese, Dal periodo Nara al periodo Meiji, Roma 2016; Paesaggio sacro e architettura cristiana nella prefettura di Nagasaki, Roma 2018; Patios en la arquitectura doméstica, Roma 2018; Italianos en México. Arquitectos, ingenieros, artistas entre los siglos XIX y XX, Roma 2019; Cultural Diplomacy & Heritage, con Eric Yong Joong Lee, Roma 2019; Edgardo Contini (1914-1990), Ingegnere italiano sulla West Coast. Tra Early Modernism e International Style, Roma 2020; La storia dell’architettura in America Latina. Enrico Tedeschi in Argentina, Roma 2020; Mercados de Abastos. Patrimonio Turismo Gentrificación, Roma 2020; Transcultural Diplomacy and International Law in Heritage Conservation: A Dialogue between Ethics, Laws, and Culture, with Eric Yong Joong Lee, Springer Nature, Singapore 2021; Rana P. B. Singh, Olimpia Niglio, Pravin Rana, Placemaking and Cultural Landscapes, Monograph Springer Nature, Tokyo (work in progress).


More information, publications and academic activities:

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-5451-0239

ACADEMIA: https://kyoto-u.academia.edu/ONiglio