Michele Bottarelli

Engineer @ University of Ferrara

Michele Bottarelli is an engineer, recruited as a researcher at the University of Ferrara (Italy), in which  he also lectures Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer at School of Architecture and Renewable Energy at School of Industrial Design, as an aggregated professor. He is author/co-author of several scientific papers and contributes in international conferences, and qualified as an associate professor by the Italian Scientific Qualification.

As leader of a laboratory working on heat transfer and renewable energy, his main research activities are currently focused on ground heat exchangers and their behaviour when coupled with phase change materials, thermal benefits of air-permeability in vented tiled roofs, hybridization of geothermal heat pump systems. On these topics, he took part to several European projects as an expert, partner or coordinator (HEROTILE, IDEAS, HEGOS, CLIWAX, W-SAHARA, EUREKA EU487).

Former member of the Research Council of the University of Ferrara, he currently is member of the Academic Senate.