Jie Ji

Professor @ Chinese Academy of Sciences

Professor Jie Ji is one of the top scientists in Chinese solar energy research, being entitled the ‘Distinguished Professor of Chinese Academy of Sciences’, ‘Expertise Advisory Group Member of the National 863 Hi-Tech Development Program’, ‘Vice President of the China’s Solar Thermal Utilization Committee’. He has a wide range of experience in solar photovoltaic/thermal technologies and their building integration, solar cooling and solar heat pumps. To date, he has published over 200 research papers, was ranked the most cited Chinese academia in Elsevier during 2014 to 2018, claimed more than 60 patents, and completed more than 40 research projects funded by the China National 863 Hi-Tech Development Programs of China, ‘Solar Action Plan’ of CAS, the China’s Natural Science Foundation and the EU Marie Curie Action. He has also published       first Chinese PV/T monograph ‘Research Progress on Solar Photovoltaic/Thermal System Utilization’ and the monograph ‘Research and Application of the Novel Solar Thermal Technologies Based on Flat-plate Solar Collectors’. He has been awarded 1st and 3rd WSSET Innovation Awards in 2016 and in 2018, the ‘Special Grand Gold Invention Medal’ in Geneva in 2016 and 2017, and ‘European Dragon-Star Innovation Award’ in 2015 .